Juelz Ventura Gets Her Comeuppance Via Her Ass

Monday, December 17, 2012

Juelz Ventura has been screwing around with the wrong woman’s ex-man and now Gia DiMarco is going to get some revenge on her ex and the office slut. When Juelz and Ramon are invited over to Gia’s house, they have no idea what is in store for them down in Gia’s erotic sex dungeon, but one thing is for sure, it will be intense!

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Juelz Ventura Seduces Her New Fuck Toy

Monday, December 10, 2012

Juelz Ventura and her hot and horny gal pal Jenni are at the club and they decide that the sauna is the perfect place for them to have some hot and steamy pussy fun. When they get there, however, they realize that they aren’t alone. Some new girl named Anikka is there. But rather than be unfriendly, Juelz and Jenni decide to give her some super horny ass and pussy attention and make her cum several times.

Check out Juelz Ventura as she gets down and dirty!

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Juelz Ventura deepthroats and gets fucked

Monday, November 26, 2012

Juelz Ventura is back and is drooling more than last time! Juelz gags on Ryan’s dick engulfing the whole thing down to his balls. Getting
Ryan’s cock all wet, she takes that dick and guides it into her eagerly awaiting pussy so she can get a fix of her dick fixation. Ryan thrusts his cock all the way
deep into her snatch and leaves her with a nice load of cum inside her juicy twat. Watch this superslut in action in htis hot HD video at PornFidelity.

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Juelz Ventura has her ass invaded

Monday, November 5, 2012

Juelz Ventura is back at Pornfidelity, and Ryan gets to stuff his rod deep into her beautiful ass. She gags on his dick in his office and he uses the drool as lube to pump his cock inside her making her hole gap wide so you can see inside it. Juelz Ventura rides his dick and Ryan tries his hardest not to cum. He switches between her ass and pussy while stuffing his cock deep inside her holes. With Juelz clad in stockings this is one muthafucking hot video!

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Juelz Ventura Has Kinky Threeway With Boyfriend and Nurse

Monday, September 24, 2012

Juelz Ventura isn’t always a good girl, she’s most definitely one of the naughtier babes out there. She heads to the hospital with her boyfriend Johnny to visit his grandfather. Once there, her pussy gets wet the moment she lays eyes on his nurse Kortney Kane. It doesn’t take much for these three to find themselves in one hot threesome!

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Juelz Ventura Uses That Pussy For the Good of a Nation

Monday, September 10, 2012

Juelz Ventura is going to show a different a side to the American revolution that is much sexier than what you recall in history class. Krissy Lynn, Nicole Aniston and Jenna Presley are along for the retelling of the founding of the cuntry as well. Who knew that the forefathers were into this kind of fucking!

Check out Juelz Ventura as she gets down and dirty – colonial style!

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Juelz Ventura Will Be the Top Pussy

Monday, August 27, 2012

This is Julez Ventura’s moment of truth, she has been battling so hard against Diamond Kitty, Leilani Leeane and Liza Del Sierra to become “America’s Top Pussy”. Now they are at the finale of this reality sensation to see who can be america‚Äôs number one slut. If Julez is going to cum out on top she better be ready to show the judges that she has what it takes and that she will go to any lengths to win that coveted prize.

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Juelz Ventura Has an Ass Beyond Belief

Monday, August 13, 2012

When Juelz Ventura backs that sweet thing up it is a sight to behold. So you know taking a look behind the scenes and seeing how she keeps her behind in such amazing shape will be even better. Juelz goes through some pretty strenuous paces to keep her ass the work of art that it is and her instructor makes sure she keeps things flexible and ready to take a good pounding at a moments notice.

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Juelz Venture Goes From Sex Starved to Satisfied

Monday, July 30, 2012

Juelz Ventura has not been getting the kind of fucking a woman like her needs from her older boyfriend. She makes him a wonderful hearty steak lunch to get him in the mood for some afternoon delight. Problem is the asshole does not even bother to show up. Even worse, his nosy son Alan turns up asking allot of personal questions. After some prodding Alan finds out Juelz has not been getting the goods from the old man. Alan is more than willing to fill in for pops and sex straved Julez finds she is the one that really needed a hearty piece of meat.

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Juelz Ventura Goes to Lesbian House Party

Monday, July 16, 2012

Not sure why they called this a house party. Seems to be room after room of hot people like Juelz Ventura and Alexa Nicole just fucking. This place is just wall to wall sex and all of it was being filmed. Nothing is left to the imagination at this party – girls are getting it from everywhere, in every position. Not sure why they called it a house party I am pretty sure this is just a good old fashion orgy!

Check out Juelz Ventura as she fucks the lovely Alexa Nicole

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Juelz Ventura Sucks Cock Like a Good Girl Should

Monday, July 2, 2012

The tattooed siren Juelz Ventura will suck dick anywhere. Here she is on the set of a play when the camera man started making a pass at her. Immediately her pussy started getting wet and she was more than excited about hooking up with him. Bitch dropped to her knees in order to get some of that nice thick cock down her throat.

She pulled her silky black bra down in order for her large fake tits to bounce around while she rode this guy’s cock. She can’t get enough of the way her breasts feel as she bucked back and forth on him.

This guy wasn’t wasting any of this once in a lifetime opportunity. He threw her tiny body in all sorts of positions. He was going to dick her in more ways than she knew how. With her shaved cunt displayed to him, he made sure she was nice and juicy before ramming her again! It wasn’t long though before his time was over. Her wrapped his hand around his prick and came all over those giant fake boobs.

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Juelz Ventura is in Pussy For Pay Program

Monday, June 18, 2012

It’s getting towards he end of the month and money is getting real tight for Juelz Ventura. She really starts to worry until, like a miracle, one of her big time clients calls up wanting a private party for himself and friends. When she hears how much money he’s willing to throw down she says yes immediantly! She loves fucking but hates giving it away for free. Now she’s over the moon, getting a ton of cum and cash all in the same night. Bring on the dicks!

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Juelz Ventura Looking Stern and Sexy in Lingerie

Monday, June 4, 2012

Check out this provocative vamp! Juelz Ventura has hair the color of the night sky and lips as red as the devil himself. She’s a dangerous girl that wants to take you on a wild ride.

Once you look into her coffee colored eyes you’ll be completely under her spell. After that all you’ll want to do is worship her extremely sexy body. Those wonderful round tits of hers. That full ass, pierced little pussy.

You are now Juelz’ property. She wants you to whip that dick out and do what you need to, the entire time thinking of her. Think of this as paying tribute to your new Goddess.

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Juelz Ventura Gets Fucked in Hot POV Set

Monday, May 21, 2012

Join Juelz Ventura as she takes you on one hot POV suck job. This black haired slut can’t get enough throat fucking and wants you to join in on the fun. She gets that mouth of hers wrapped around this dude’s cock just long enough to get it wet. He’s changed his mind, now he’s just dying to be balls deep in that dirty cunt of hers.

She’s ready to take whatever she’s got coming to her. This thigh high sock wearing slut knows that her pierced pussy is to be used! You get to feel as if you’re part of the fun as these close up fucking photos are incredible! You can see how wet her clam is as she’s laying on her back. When she’s on all fours, that big ol ass is round and in your face! It’s almost like you could finger that starfruit while your dick slides in and out of her pussy with ease.

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Juelz Ventura is Super Sexy in Stockings

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Juelz Ventura is a gorgeous brunette who looks stunning in her black underwear and thigh high stockings with tattoos showing.

Juelz gives her boobs a good squeeze from their place in her pretty bra and then goes topless to show her firm boobs. Juelz then peels out of her sheer panties to unveil her pierced pussy.

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